Anonymous: You have such a beautiful ass. I bet you're pussy is phat and plump. I'd love to suck the juices out of it.

Thank You.
God crafted my booty with his very own hands. Cause usually he has elfs help him (YES ELFS) cause damn making booty is hard work. But God was like “nahhh son this booty all me to make.”

& ta-da my booty.

1dle-time: Anon hate? Damn mamacita, you're one bad Chica! Lol. I love that fat ass and those butt dimples 👌 Wish you lived next door to me!

Lol. If you lived next door to me. .. damm (; you’d be sooo lucky my mom grows lots of fruit & gives them to the neighbors so that’s awesome :3

Anonymous: Enseñame inglés :)?

Que quieres aprender?

"Let me get uhhhhhhhh…"

A phrase often said before ordering food, especially in the drive thru. (via blackproverbs)

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